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Dental Checkups

Our doctors encourage proactive dental care by recommending all patients schedule six-month exams and cleanings. These preventive visits allow early diagnosis of small oral health problems, so they can be treated sooner rather than later.


At your checkup, we will take the necessary digital X-rays. Digital X-rays immediately provides detailed images, viewable on a computer screen. They show pictures of the teeth, bone and surrounding tissues. They will help our doctors diagnose decay, infection and periodontal disease. We may also take digital photos with our intraoral camera. Our doctors will do an oral cancer screening and look for anything that looks suspicious. An assessment of your gum tissue will tell us if you suffer from periodontal disease. This condition often goes untreated, but is proven to increase a person's risk for many health problems including heart attack, stroke, diabetes complications, and low-weight births. Our hygienist will recommend prompt and effective treatment if you suffer from periodontal disease. It is a disease that can be controlled with proper treatment.